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Investor Gathering 2021

Hello Briliant Investor 🙌 Did you know that knowledge is a process to get a gain? The more knowledge, the more gain that we can get. These two things are also the main factors to become a smart young investor. Therefore, UNNES Stock Exchange Study Forum (Unssaf) proudly present Investor Gathering (I-Ring) with the theme "Get Knowledge, Get Your Gain, and Be A Young Investor" as evidence that knowledge and gain are two very related things. So, what are you waiting for? Let's join I-Ring 2021 ❗ Get useful knowledge, new relationships, and unforgettable experiences ! 🎤 Moderator: Yusuf Wijoyanto (Trainer of Phintraco Sekuritas)  🔊 Opening Speech Fanny Rifqi El Fuad (Head office of IDX JATENG 1)  📢 SPEAKERS: 1️⃣ Wiliam Hartanto (Founder WH Project & Technical Analyst) 2️⃣ Bekti Sutikna  (Professional Trader and Champion Hots 3rd Season) Event will be held : 📆 August, 28th 2021 ⏰ 08.00 a.m - end 💻 Zoom Meeting 🛍️ Benefits: ✅ E-sertificate ✅ Knowledge (investment)  ✅